Hamilton Plastics is proud to announce the introduction of our
brand new 9 Extruder (9 Layer) co-extrusion line.
This new technology enables Hamilton Plastics to offer
high quality barrier films utilizing Nylon and EVOH. 

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Welcome to Hamilton Plastics


Welcome to

Hamilton Plastics



As the marketplace continues to become more competitive and demanding in today’s business environment, Hamilton Plastics is prepared to take the challenge head-on, with the level of service and quality for which the company has been known for in their thirty plus years. By offering a value-added product at very competitive prices, Hamilton Plastics shares their success with their customers as well. “If the customers are successful, we are successful” says founder and CEO Harshad Shah. This ability and drive is evident in the company’s growth, which has been positive for thirty two straight years.

Working at Hamilton Plastics.


Hamilton Plastics has created a culture of loyalty by developing and maintaining strong bonds with employees, suppliers and customers. We go out of our way to make sure deadlines are met and expectations are exceeded. Our loyalty to customers extends beyond regular business hours. Whenever a need arises, there is always someone on our team available to address it. Regardless of the problem, we dedicate time and resources to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Working at Hamilton Plastics.
Working at Hamilton Plastics.
Working at Hamilton Plastics.


We're poud to produce custom plastic film that’s on the leading edge of innovation. Hamilton Plastic's began producing innovative trash bags that would be twice as strong as the industry standard using half the material. Since then we’ve continued to push the boundaries of manufacturing custom plastic films, flexible packaging and bags for our customers.

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Personal Attention

Each customer of ours has come to us with a unique problem and we take pride in working with them to develop a solution. Hamilton Plastics will never produce over commoditized plastics, but focused on high quality, intentional products meant to serve a specific purpose.

Working at Hamilton Plastics.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

We’re proudly located in beautiful Chattanooga. A city nicknamed the “Dynamo of Dixie” for the numerous foundries and steel mills which has transformed over the years into the “Gig City,” a city known for innovation and scenic beauty. We’re excited to watch and be a part of it’s growth through the past 30 years!