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  • Working at Hamilton Plastics.

    We have strong customer bonds.


  • Working at Hamilton Plastics.

    We have cutting edge products. 


  • Working at Hamilton Plastics.

    We solve each unique situation.

Personal Attention

Founded in 1986 in Chattanooga, TN, Hamilton Plastics has held strong to its three tenets for success, Loyalty, Quality and Personal Attention, which are shown in every aspect of the business. From the relationships developed with both customers and employees to the specialized, high-quality products we supply, Hamilton Plastics recognizes the importance of maintaining the values upon which it was built in order to continue to succeed. 

Acting as more than just tenets of success, the three qualities also offer a snapshot of what Hamilton Plastics’ everyday business is all about. The company believes very strongly in remaining loyal to both its vendors and its customers and goes above and beyond their expectations on a daily basis. Additionally, the level of quality offered is second to none, with a state-of-the-art lab and manufacturing facility that is always searching for improved quality for our customers.

Hamilton Plastics has Experienced Growth Every Year for Over 30 Years.

The founder, President and CEO of the company, Harshad Shah, has always believed in the value of family. Accordingly, he treats both his employees and customers with the highest level of respect, dedication and care. His beliefs strengthen Hamilton Plastics’ industry-leading position and further emphasize the beliefs that got them there: Loyalty, Quality and Personal Attention.