Shah Foundation

Helping Those in Need.

Harshad Shah, founder and CEO of Hamilton Plastics, has always been a fan of giving back to the community and helping those in need. In 2018 they donated $10,000 to United Way and $100,000 to the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy (CGLA) for scholarships for girls achieving at least a 22 on their ACT. Throughout 2018 the Shah Foundation has donated to various charities locally and nationally, including the Chattanooga Area Food Bank. Since its beginning, the Shah Foundation has made donations totaling nearly a MILLION dollars. Additionally Mr. Shah has been a member of the Paul Harris Rotary Club for over twenty year.  He has served on the board for over 15 companies and organizations, including CGLA, Baylor, 1st Tennessee Bank, Capital Mark, Allied Arts, YMCA Youth Foundation and more.

Mr. Shah helped fund a clean water project for schools in Western Dominican Republic in 2016.  Also in 2016 Mr. Shah contributed $500,000 for Gokuldham Hindu Temple in Duluth Georgia. In 2007 and 2017 he also contributed to help getting the Atlanta and Chattanooga BAPS Centers built, by donating $125,000 to assist in their construction. Back in 2005 Mr. Shah gave back to his hometown in India by developing the Tarapur Science College Center in memory of his father, Chimanlal Shah. As a result the graduation rates have dramatically increased at the institution and that they can barely meet the demand of students that want to utilize the new facility.

  • 2018

    Gave $10,000 for United Way & $100,000 for CGLA

  • 2017

    Gave For Construction of Chattanooga BAPS Center.

  • 2016

    Gave to Gokuldham Hindu Temple in Duluth Georgia

  • 2016

    Funded  Clean Water Project for Schools in Western Dominican Republic

  • 2007

    Gave For Construction Atlanta BAPS Center.

  • 2005

    Funded Tarapur Science College Center.